Part two of a two part series where we look at how we are supporting networks both personal and professional during 2020 COVID-19 Crisis. To read part one on supporting personal networks go here.

In part one we discussed how many of us are supporting our personal networks outside of business during these difficult months.   In part two we ask our TRIBE community how they look to continue to build their professional network during this time.

As the old adage goes ‘the show must go on’. 

MEETUP – Photo by Gabriel Benois on Unsplash

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In the recent article on Make It via CNBC, the author Vicky McKeever chatted with Dr, Rosina Racioppi, CEO of professional development program provider Women Unlimited.   “While reaching out to people virtually can feel daunting and means that we can’t guarantee “having chemistry” with new contacts, Racioppi emphasized that it’s important to go out of your comfort zone to connect with people “under all circumstances”.


This probably goes without saying.   However it’s a crucial step to building your professional network.   Get back in touch with past clients, and make sure everything is AOK with them.  Support is vital right now, and business are made up of people just like you.  People who may be struggling with team morale, with team motivation.    If that’s what you are good at – particularly if you are an AGILE practitioner , where you can solve problems quickly and in small chunks, then now’s your time to step forward.  

By doing this you are putting yourself into the front line of managers thoughts when they decide they need outside assistance to reengage teams. 

If you have something specific to offer a particular business,  find people in your network who may value that.  At this time, people are stepping up, and providing either free or at cost services.   Primarily to ensure we all work towards the end goal of getting though his together. 

Small to medium businesses especially that may slip through the cracks of government support.   Benny – an associate in Australia recommends “Connecting with people through video call and offering assistance in helping with remote work.”   


Rachna, a consultant in Australia is sharing content.   Working for TRIBE’s sister company ADAPTOVATE, Rachna says she’s sharing articles on improved remote ways of working and getting better outcomes, with her all client group.      

By doing this – she’s not only sharing a helpful resource, but also staying in touch with her clients, while not being there in person.

Nate – a consultant in Singapore agrees.   He says “You have to share. Now, it’s important not to flood light, and to take our struggles into lessons we share with the broader world, but we still have to do it.

We can’t connect in-person, but we can connect as humans.” Nate says.

Andy is a senior consultant based in in Singapore.   He believes it’s important to share more with professional network right now.  He explains  “It can be an opportunity to become more vocal online in the form of commenting and sharing relevant articles.

Andy continues “Remote working has driven people to start exploring ways of working they might otherwise not have considered. Gaining knowledge from others becomes valuable in these trying times and ‘over-sharing’ becomes more relevant than not sharing at all.”


Have you noticed that you may be hearing from people in your network that you haven’t heard from in a while?  

People’s lives have been scaled back to the point where time is now available, to start rebuilding connections.   If someone reaches out to you – don’t miss that opportunity.   Even it’s just for a virtual coffee catchup over ZOOM.     

Steve –  Project Lead in Australia says “I am taking time to reach out to individuals to see how they are going. Many people have disruption to their day to day.

He explains “Things that used to take up their time no longer seem important and have been replaced by others. I feel people are valuing communication more than usual right now.”


In AGILE land we do this well.  The meet-ups. 

If you Google Virtual Meetups you get 85million results.    Our global community of practioners are well versed in catching up in informal spaces to network.   For many this is still the case.  The VIRTUAL MEET-UPS are happening.   For Brooke – a consultant in the US, these are vital.  She has been continue to build her professional network, by being active in her local Agile Meet-up. has location based search engine – here’s a few AGILE themed groups to help guide you – Many are hosting webinars and virtual meet-ups right now.








Sean Woon, the Managing Director of TRIBE : A Community of Contractors, is using LinkedIn an scanning the Australian Financial Review news.  He says “Commentary is the main source for continuously getting insights, leads, topics that helps me to keep in touch and build my professional network at the moment.”


Alaina G, Levine wrote last month how a personal board of directors can help you navigate challenges in your career.  

Likewise, Dr Racioppi says that “self-isolation is also a good time to build a personal “board of directors,” as during a crisis people may be more willing to help one another.”

Right now we all need assistance.   We need that sounding board about what’s the best decision right now, for me and my family.   So ensure you have enlisted your ‘personal board of directors’.  

If you don’t have a PBOD – it’s a good time to create one.   Select people who you keep in touch with regularly.  People whose choices in their own life you have admired.   They certainly don’t have to be in the same profession.   Usually they have mentored you or taught you in some part of your life.    Perhaps they have shared an experience that you have. 

Sean agrees.  He’s “Also maintaining calls and messages with my various trusted career mentors during this time helps me to also tap into the network of others.”

If you want to extend your network now – get in touch with TRIBE. We are building a global network of contractors. We’d love to invite you into the group.

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