• How Agile Works at Tesla
    by Stefan Wolpers

    TL; DR: How Elon Musk Would Run YOUR Business with Joe Justice Joe Justice worked for Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk.  In this Hands-on Agile meetup, Joe shared DX, or Digital Transformation, the agile operating system for TeslaSpeed—a term coined by the EU Commission to talk about how […]

  • How Poor Facilitation Of The Scrum Events Can Cause Zombie Scrum
    by Barry Overeem

    In the past years, Johannes Schartau, Christiaan Verwijs, and I wrote many articles on Zombie Scrum. Heck, we even wrote a complete Zombie Scrum Survival Guide! I’d like to believe that since our book, Zombie Scrum completely disappeared. That it’s something we can now all laugh about and has […]

  • 3 Aktivitäten, bei denen Scrum Master unerfahrenen Product Ownern helfen können
    by Simon Flossmann

    „Wir brauchen ein Produkt, das die Kunden lieben, welches aber auch für unser Geschäft funktioniert.“ Dies schreibt Marty Cagan in seinem Buch „Inspiriert“. Eine Idee für ein Produkt zu haben, ist eine Sache. Ein Produkt zu vertreiben, das die Kunden lieben und das gleichzeitig Wert […]

  • Whitepaper: The Stages of Agile Transformation: Moving from Theory To Practice
    by Venkatesh Rajamani

      Are you looking to embark on an Agile transformation journey for your organisation? Look no further than tryScrum’s white paper on the Stages of Agile Transformation. In this paper, we discuss the stages of Agile transformation based on extensive research and collaboration with experienced Agile […]

  • Inspection and the Product Owner (20)
    by Steven Deneir

    Scrum is founded on empirical process control, and inspection is one of the three pillars. Each of the Scrum accountabilities participates in one or more inspections. If you feel that there are undesired variances for any aspect of your initiative, think about who could best initiate an […]

  • How to Improve Cross-Functionality within your Team?
    by Barry Overeem

    Teams are more effective when they learn how to effectively combine their skills to complete a shared task. This is the essence of cross-functionality. Cross-functional teams are defined as consisting of members with different functional backgrounds (Keller, 2001). The presence of different skills […]

  • Retrospektiven Moderation: Von gut zu fantastisch 🇩🇪
    by Stefan Wolpers

    In Kürze: Retrospektiven Moderation Die magische Technik, um eine langweilige Retrospektive in eine hervorragende Retrospektive zu verwandeln, liegt in der regelmäßigen Rotation der Moderatorenrolle unter allen Teammitgliedern. Erfahren Sie mehr über die folgenden zehn Vorteile dieser Methode […]

  • Effective Way of Engaging Stakeholders
    by Lavaneesh Gautam

    Effective Stakeholder Engagement is key to the product’s success and one of the essential skills all product people should have. This article is final part of the Effective Stakeholder Engagement series. Below are the previous articles in the series  Stakeholder Exploration Stakeholder Analysis […]