D. Ray Freeman is an author, entrepreneur, consultant and expert in applying Agile in many different contexts. With 24-years’ experience, Ray is an advisory-level expert in Lean Engineering.  He provides leaders with immediate and long-term impact to strategy, operations and the interactions of people. ​

With a focus on renewable energy, oil & gas, streaming media, mobile, financial services, airline & travel, Ray has led more than a dozen digital transformations globally.  He also leads a philanthropy initiative, on a mission to strengthen the economic, educational and social services available to urban communities around the globe. ​

As Project Lead with Adaptovate and Managing Director of TRIBE, Ray is at the forefront of helping some of the world’s largest corporations think & behave differently.  His efforts are equipping people with the confidence and tools to embrace change, perform at their highest levels and make a real difference in their work environment.  ​

Ray’s experience includes having led:​

  • Initiatives to enhance and scale all phases of conventional and renewable energy including exploration, drilling, refining, and transportation and storage reducing dependencies and risk​
  • Agile transformation for major oil and gas company. Launched new ways of working from the C-suite to Engineering teams which reduced time to decision making and generated more than $10M in value from cost avoidance, to process optimization​
  • Scaled agile program rollout for major international bank that reduced time to market for compliance features delivering 40% cost reduction in regulatory fees​
  • Scaled agile program rollout for major US bank reducing mortgage compliance costs with Fannie Mae accounts by 50%​
  • Agile transformation training and strategy development for major Jamaican bank impacting branch operations, pension, consumer and business banking channels.